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  Eating marshmallow in a appropriately quantity can make people control their temper, while provides energy and keeps our nervous system and heart working in normal operations. Meanwhile, it can prevent acidosis and protect our liver. 

Marshmallow’s function:

·         Increasing the activity of immune cells and eliminating the harmful substances of our body. Marshmallow contains carbohydrate and saccharine which can be hydrolyze rapidly to provide energy.


         Gummies are known as low cholesterol, fat-less and rich in nutrition (collagen jelly). It’s easy to digest and suitable for people of all ages. 


         Gummy’s function:


         Gummies are with great taste and elasticity that can work up your appetite but never stick teeth. Moreover, they have function like protecting your teeth and strengthen your mouth muscle. 


      1. Pls pay attention to the pro. Date and exp. Date when buying gummies. Keep it in cool and dry place and avoid moisture.

      2.Don’t feed child with tough and large gummy in order to avoid choking up.

      3.Don’t eat too much gummy at one time to avoid heavy burden on the stomach. 

      4.People with bad stomach should eat little/ not eat gummy. 

Chewing gum---


      Strengthen face muscle--- make it more resilient and the skin more radiant.  Make our teeth gum solid and decrease the probability of lost teeth. Refresh our breath and make us smell attractive when talking and breathing. Eating chewing gum after meals can avoid acid reflux.

      Extra Tips---

      1.  People with diabetes are not suitable for too much biscuits and candies.  

        2.   It’s not appropriate to take biscuit as the staple food of three meals of a day.

        3.   Keep the biscuits and candies in cool and dry place and avoid moisture. 

        4.   It’s not fit for child under three years old.