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Best-Selling Chinese Sweets In The World


LANTOS is an international brand operator of CHOICE INTERNATIONAL GROUP who possess two registered confectionery brands—LANTOS and LARI. After 8 years hardworking since the foundation in 2005, LANTOS is enjoying very good reputation among more than 40 countries nowadays with the support from our own professional QC/Shipment/Design/Marketing teams.


We're not only a brand but also a culture. When sharing the wonderful sweets with the children all over the world, we also sharing our concept with them—“HEALTH, SHARE, PLEASURE”. We attend many food fairs both at home and abroad every year, such as, Canton Fair, Gulfood, ISM, to enable us to share our candy with every child in the world.  We’re aim to create a sweet kingdom for the children all over the world.


     LANTOS is always being distinctive, because of our continuous innovation, concentration on high quality products, and love & care for children. Based on the love and care for children, LANTOS created a series of cartoon characters with the seven colors of rainbow and made the love stories for kids to learn to share and love as well as show them “the more sharing, the more pleasure”. LANTOS makes brand new packages and design every year to try to bring unprecedented surprise to kids. Also, the free and diversified combination satisfies kids' various wishes all at once. LANTOS, always being concerned about you, loving you and cherishing you!


 2012 in ISM 



2013 in GULFOOD



 2013 in Canton Fair

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Company introduction



 In the year of 2000, Choice International (Group) was established and engaged in international marketing with its owned brand products. By adhering to the tenet of "Internationalization, Branding, and Professionalization", Choice International has successfully developed into a multinational conglomerate after a decade of efforts. It possesses the world's best-selling products "TAJ" Lighter, "LONTOR"LED Lighting series, "LONCELL" battery, "LANTOS" sweets, and other brands(products). Professional and outstanding design principles, continual development and innovation, high-quality and complete after-sale service, integrity and reputation overseas…Years of hard work and wisdom have contributed to the achievements of Choice today.