Strategic Cooperation M.O.U Between Choice International Group & China-Africa Development Fund

Time: 2015-04-15    Writer: choice_lantos

      On the evening of 13th  April, 2015, the signing ceremony between choice international group and China-Africa development fund was open in the  Lang Ham Hotel. This is a significant turnning point for choice international.  Choice International seizes the opportunity to actively participate in the China-Africa development and can attend the signing ceremony, which is not only a great honor for Choice International, but also the recognition of business development towards Choice

 Ms. Diana Chen, Chairman of the Choice International


Expect for feeling the support and encouragement towards self-owned brand and products from all the leaders, Ms. Chen also feels the huge power of brand internationalization

In the cercmony, Ms. Chen was interviewed by various media and talked about the future developing idea as well as the determination of bringing good Chinese products to the whole world.

This event will be attended by some prominent and high-ranked personalities, including the Mayor of Guangzhou City, the chairman of CAD Fund, the president of China Development Bank, the Managing Director of FIRST BANK Nigeria, ambassadors of Nigeria, Tanzania and some other African countries in China and leaders of several Chinese big companies which are part of the Top 500 companies in the world.