• lantosHistory of Gummy Candy2014-04-25

    The gummi bear was the original form of gummi candy and was first produced in Germany. Though it is often spelled "gummy," the correct spelling is "gummy," based on the German name "gummibär," which ...

  • lantosSweets and Snacks Middle East enjoys confectionery market boom2014-04-18

    The Middle East is forecast as one of the most dynamic regions to lead global industry growth, underpinned by a greater disposable income per capita, the influence of a predominantly young population ...

  • lantosChewing gum for over 10 mins relieves stress – study2014-04-12

    Japaneseresearchers claim that chewing gum for over 10 minutes can reduce stress,adding to a growing body of science linking gum chewing to stress relief. The study in the Journal of Prosthodonti...

  • lantosRetailers wear the trousers in candy packaging decisions – NCA editors2014-03-28

    Powerful retail sector calls shots on confectionery pack formats to ensure products cater to consumers in their trade channel.Retailers’ clout in confectionery packaging decisions is mounting after c...

  • lantosConsumers to candy makers: ‘You have 3 seconds to get my attention!’2014-03-28

    Confectionery brands have just three seconds on the shelf to be noticed by consumers, according to Saatchi & Saatchi X. How can companies maximize these precious moments?Research from shopper...

  • lantosHard and sweet: The elusive candy promise2014-02-28

    Between laxative effects, clean labeling and GM, Confectionery News takes a walk through the different sweetener options for hard, soft and jelly candies and the associated pros and cons for each. Kim van der Vorst, communications manager at inulin supplier Sensus, told Confectionery News that 'low sugar’ and ‘no added sugar’ claims

  • lantosResearch and Markets: Saudi Arabia Confectionery Market in Saudi Arabia Expected to Witness the CAGR of Around 12% durin2014-02-28

    Research and Markets( has announced the addition of the "Saudi Arabia Confectionery Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018" report to their offering. Increasing consumerism accompanied by increased consumer's spending and growth of organized retailing is driving the demand for confectionery in Saudi Arabia According to the recently published report Saudi Arabia Confectionery Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018 confectionery market in Saudi Arabia is expected to witness the CAGR of around 12% during 2013-2018. Confectionery industry is the most popular in the food processing sector and with the increasing demand of high end confectionery; international companies are entering into the market through collaborations and acquisitions in order to increase their share in the market. It is forecasted that Saudi Arabia confectionery market will reach USD 2.26 Billion (SAR 8.4 Billion) revenues by 2018 due to increasing gifting culture and the income bracket which will fuel the demand for confectionery products in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia confectionery market is divided into three segments with Chocolate segment being 55% of the market, sugar confectionery accounting for 24% of the market and chewing gum being 21% of the total confectionery market. It has been expected that demand for chewing gum segment will increase in the coming years due to increasing health concerns among the people and shift in the target consumer base. The Saudi Arabia confectionery market is dominated by Krafts Food being the market leader followed by Mars and Nestle. Local manufacturers also play a significant role in the confectionery market due to proximity to the market and increasing awareness among the consumers. Saudi Arabia imports chocolate confectionery and sugar confectionery from countries namely Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium. Increasing imports from different countries due to high quality can act as a challenge for the country's economy and local manufacturers.

  • lantosBioplastic packing firm files for bankruptcy2014-02-22

    Cereplast, a manufacturer of bio-based, compostable plastics for packaging and other applications, has filed for bankruptcy.

  • lantosOmega-3 rich diet linked to more developed brain networks: Monkey data2014-02-11

    Monkeys that consume a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids have more developed neural networks that those who do not, according to new research.

  • lantosEconomic forum puts spotlight on food security2014-01-27

    “Rethinking Global Food Security” was discussed at the World Economic Forum annual meeting this week. The session, held in Switzerland and broadcast live on the internet, looked at what environmental, societal and economic forces are reshaping the global context for food security. It was moderated by Rajiv Shah, administrator, US Agency for International Development(USAID).

  • lantosAsia cocoa grind climbs 10%2014-01-27

    The amount of cocoa processed in Asia grew 10% in the fourth quarter of 2013 compared to the same period last year. Figures from the Cocoa Association of Asia showed that the grind reached 170,684 metric tons (MT) in Q4. This took the total grind for 2013 – an indicator of demand for chocolate in the region – to 639,505 MT, up 5% on the previous year. Fourth quarter cocoa processing also grew 4% in North America, while the European grind was up 6%. Cocoa processing in Asia decelerated in the first half of 2013 due to a slowdown in China’s economic growth, but China’s GDP growth has since stabilized.


    Feeding off consumer preferences for all things natural, the organic/all-natural category has see double-digit growth.


    The fact that more and more Americans eat smaller portions of food more frequently throughout the day — otherwise known as snacking —has been well documented. The type of snacks American are consuming, however, appears to be changing.

  • lantosHOW GUM IS MADE?2013-09-11

    The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company manufactures chewing and bubble gums with long-lasting flavor and dependable, uniform quality. This includes manufacturing our gum in spotless, air-conditioned rooms and sa...

  • lantosWHAT IS HALAL FOOD?2013-09-11

    What is the meaning of "Halal" ?Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful.  It refers to things or actions permitted by Shariah law without punishment imposed on the doer. It is usually used to desc...